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Pain and Orthopedics

When fascia is tight, it can torque and tighten joints and is often a pre curser to more serious issues such as strains, ligament problems, back pain, swelling, limited range of motion and more. Overall tight fascia can cause head aches, full body aches and rob us of vitality.

The FasciaBlaster®

Instantly reduces pain
Allows joints to function properly
Increases flexibility
Releases tension
Breaks up scar tissue
Minimizes inflammation
Allows for joint alignment and space

Rolling Devices
Compression for Fascial Stretch
Breaks Through Fascial Adhesions
Restores Bloodflow
Eliminates Cellulite
Increases Nerve Activity
Changes Fascial Composition
Separates Structures

Trigger Point
Breaks Through Knots
Separates Muscle Adhesions
Separates Muscles from Muscles
Loosens Microfibers
Stimulates Muscle Contraction
Rakes Through Tough Knots

Lessens Stress on Joints
Loosens the Primary System that Causes Pain
Resets the Nervous System
Reduces Inflammation
Allows for Skeletal Alignment

The FASCIABLASTERTM is a device that you can purchase at https://www.fasciablaster.com/.  Ashley Black has a great story about how and why she developed this awesome tool.  If you search the internet, you can  find hundreds of testimonials, pictures and videos of people who have tried it and love the results they are getting!

​We developed this spa treatment because all the FASCIABLASTERTM  users we know have a difficult time reaching and scrubbing all of the areas they want to treat for the length of time needed to achieve the best result.

The FASCIABLASTERTM can be used to lessen the look of cellulite, improve blood flow, 

Have you heard about FasciaBlasting?

Better Definition and Nerve Activity!

When fascia is tight, it restricts the nerve signal. Nerves are the messengers that send signals from the brain to the muscles. When the signal is interrupted, or choked out, the muscle output is lessened. Fascia also can encase muscles, not allowing the cuts to show through. If you are big enough, you can actually outgrow your fascia and limit the size of muscle growth.

The FasciaBlaster®

Opens and loosens fascia allowing full nerve signal
Improves the muscles response to activity
Causes muscles to fire harder and more efficiently
Allows the fascia to lay in the cuts and grooves of muscle definition
Allows for full growth potential
Improves sports performance
Increases flexibility
Great to use as a pre-event nerve stimulator

Better Blood Flow!

When fascia is tight, it restricts blood flow. Little veins and arteries flow through the fascia delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Fascia is so adhesive that it can block blood flow entirely to certain area, cause swelling in others, or just make it harder for blood to pump.

The FasciaBlaster®

Opens and loosens the fascia
Releases the blood to flow naturally
Oxygen and nutrients get to the cells more efficiently
Workouts are more effective through “pump”
Cardiac output is increased
Inflammation reduced
Better blood pressure
Less brain fog FasciaBlaster® Promotes Healthy Circulation and Prevents Serious Health Problems Without Drugs or Surgery

Lessen the Look of Cellulite

When fascia is tight, it pulls down on the fascial sheath below the skin. Fascial adhesions look like a chain link fence. When fat is present, it pushes through the fascia like a marshmallow pushing through a chain link fence. This causes a dimpled and puckered effect.

The FasciaBlaster®

Breaks up fascial adhesions
Smooths out the fascial sheath below the skin
Allows the body to take a more natural form
Fat does not push through “dimpled sheath”
Appearance of cellulite diminished or lessened
Skin looks more vibrant
Muscle definition shows through